Hello adult webmasters, hope you are safe and well. If you would like to get your website listed in my friends list, then email webmaster@thisdomain.

This is not for traffic trading, but you’ll get some clicks from real visitors of course. Your link will be listed in the footer that is displayed on every page across the site. I expect a do follow link back to cuntdump.com, however there are some rules…

  • I will not link to sites that contain or link to illegal content.
  • Don’t put my link on a “partners page” that nobody ever see’s. I fucking hate cunts that do that.
  • No circle jerk sites, my visitors want to see real content and value.
  • No blogspot and free hosting sites.
  • Your website must be at least a year old.

You can use any anchor text to link back to me, but try to make it compelling.

Do you have a blog?

If you have a blog with a rss feed and you update it regularly without using ai to write your posts, please let me know because I might list it on the link dump. All links are do follow for that extra juice, ya get me. A link back to me will be required. 😉 I dont add tubes, sorry.

Are you on X (formally twitter)?

I have just recovered my old twitter account and I will be posting porn on there as regular as I can. Follow me, let me know you’ve followed by dm or email me, and I’ll follow back if we have any of the above going on.